What is the Difference between a Blog “Post,” and a blog “Page,”?

Bread and Butter

Pages are bread.

Posts are butter.

By; Christopher A. Van Hassel

You always put your butter on top of your bread.

You never put your bread on top of  your butter!

1. A blog Post is media, or art, that you put on a page.

2. A blog Page is simply a canvas.

3. Posts are pieces of art which are put on that canvas.

4. Simply put: A Post is information.

5. A Page is where that information is displayed.

6. A website is made-up of pages with posts on those pages.

7. What you are reading right now is a post on a page.

8. A post is usually short, like a “tweet”.

9. A page is usually long, like a page of “tweets”.

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I think that about sums up the difference between a Blog Page and a Blog Post.

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