“There’s a lesson to be learned, but no one left to learn it.”

“Did you get that rush, that feeling, adrenaline
Pumping through your veins?
A lifeless body in the gutter,

city streets are stained
How do you rationalize?

What do you see in your reflection?
A kid just having fun, a soldier’s bloodied boot impression
One for all

and all for one,

especially when it’s ten on one
You don’t care what you’re doing,

you know it sure is fun

If it happened to your mother would you laugh so hard?
Well, that was someone’s son or brother
That you kicked so hard

This time you went too far
What’s the matter, don’t you feel alright?
Do you feel remorse?
Or are the handcuffs on a little too tight?

Now that your friends are gone, you’ve got no
Defense, no protection
Five or six times a day you receive your hot beef injection
I hope every time you’re corn holed terror fills your mind
The one emotion you have inspired one too many times”