Stretching is very, very important, because, not only does it help to prevent you from injury, but it also

conditions and readies the muscles for excretion, growth and physical trauma.

     Stretching After strenuous activity not only strengthens and conditions the muscles further, but stretching lessens your body’s recovery time. …

     One of the Key proponents to getting and staying fit is understanding and utilizing your body’s recovery time (mental recovery time is something to explore when more advanced methods and exercises are introduced).

     After all, recovery time is what we Live for… (explanation- we don’t workout just for the act of working out. We do it so we feel good for the duration of the time when we are not working out.)

     In other words: any time you are not working out is “recovery time”. The amount of recovery time you take always determines your body’s needs in conjunction with your physical self expectations.

     Wake it,

     Breath it,

     Eat it,

     Sleep it,

     Live it;

     Be It!