“…Here, Indeed, Is A Superstar!…”


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“He was taken under a hard hold to win it here by five; and he could have won by ten, perhaps!…”
-Tom Durkin

Arazi was an American-bred, Thoroughbred racehorse from France.

“…Arazi was named after an airway intersection.

It’s an initial approach fix for the RNAV approach to runway 21R at the Yuma airport.

Translation: If your airplane is hooked up with an RNAV navigational system, and you are planning on landing it upon runway 21R at Yuma,

You fly through an imaginary spot in the air called Arazi. …

The map also shows something elseArazi, the intersection, is actually north of the Colorado River, and hence in California. … ” (Source: Phoenix New Times)

Arazi won the 1991 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile.

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