Anger will defeat you before any opponent can.

Your ego is the joke that is being played on you, and the ego is where anger originates from.

Take peaceful breaths to encourage peaceful thoughts.

Walk peaceful steps to encourage peaceful talks. 

To judge another man, you subconsciously first judge yourself.

If you are unhappy with another human being, you are first unhappy with yourself.

Practicing compassion for others is a process one must nurture within their actions, words and thoughts.

Some men do evil things, but life is a precious, giving energy.

Some try to harness that energy.

Others live in harmony with the ebb and flow of such energy.

I am not suggesting that one should offer unabashed compassion to evil doers; but I am telling you that your knowledge of them and your angry thoughts about them are feelings and thoughts that only waste your precious time.

Thinking and teaching peace are irrelevant if a man does not practice peace on a daily basis.

To help others, you must naturally help yourself first in order to be in a position to help others.

Gestures are sometimes enough.

The heart of any gesture grows from a deep root of being.  

As a hand extends out to help, that hand is the same as a pedal of a flower splaying forth, as to reach out and wave and say, “thank you,” to the sun. 

Beauty is something that goes uncontested.

Though a beautiful woman might have been the catalyst in launching many war ships, giving humanity the Trojan War, through this example, one could ponder how beauty brings about contest.

The opposite of beauty is anger.

Why wage war in the face of, (or for the face of) beauty?  

The ego is a disastrous force.

Eradicating the ego from human consciousness is almost neurologically impossible; but there are moments when you can catch a glimpse, and view the world void of your ego, divorced from your ideas about peace, yourself and about others.

In these quiet moments, you can touch the seed of something greater than we are. Nurture that seed when you have the opportunity to touch it.

The nourishment that grows from that seed can be seen in your eyes, felt in your touch and produces a good feeling in those around you.

The human mind complicates things because it dissects and tries to rationalize.

Life is not a logical force- logic is only a word, a sound.

Happiness is secondary to peace, and is a byproduct of it, and we are lucky to be able to experience such an emotion.