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“There’s a lesson to be learned, but no one left to learn it.”

Term of the Day: Euclidean Space

” Euclidean geometry is the linear based geometry that was developed by the Greek geometer Euclid a little over two millennia ago, the propositions of which were published in his work The Elements.” {source}

Tobacco Bongs: All the Way From China to Florida!

“I know that you’ve met some really, really interesting people in your journeys, so I thought I’d share one of mine.”
-Gregory Joseph Van Hassel

Regarding Religion:

I do not convince others to believe what I believe; I convince others to believe what they, themselves, choose to believe.
-Christopher A. Van Hassel

People of Walmar,… Facebook

Railbirds discuss what another man should do with his horse.

Spanish Word of the Day: lleño

lleño ADJECTIVE 1.  (= completo) [plato, vaso] full [teatro, tren] full el depósito está lleno the tank is full no me pongas el plato muy lleno don’t give me too much food ¡lleno, por favor! (en una gasolinera) fill her up, please! no hables con la boca llena don’t… Continue Reading →

Dr. Greg Graffin sings, “Time Of Need.”

“It’s time to pack up all your bags and move your chains.”

Lookin’ In

“…Now, I think in relation to
my fellow man
and what strives to do…”

Quote of the Day

“The stigma of ‘oddness’ is the price a myopic world always exacts of genius,…”
-Amy Lowell

"Myopic": Word of the Day

November 25, 2019 myopic (adjective) 1. lacking in foresight or discernment : narrow in perspective and without concern for broader implications 2. affected by

There is more Beyond the Wire.

“ALWAYS ON.” -Bruce Lee -Ride Tight.

Opportunity: Gary Vaynerchuk is “The Modern Day Robinhood”.

“The cost of entry used to be blocked by the people at the top, but now, the internet is The Game.” -Gary Vaynerchuk

Happy Birthday, Ramon Dominguez!

Feliz Cumpleaños! November 24, 2019 Thank You for Inspiring and Teaching so many others! Your Gentle Touch is your trademark which spreads Kindness, Love and Wisdom 360 degrees around the world! Happy Birthday, Ramon!!! Born November 24, 1976 in Caracas, Venezuela… Continue Reading →

"Prehensile": Word of the Day


1. Able to seize, grasp, or hold, especially by wrapping around an object.

2. Having a keen intellect or powerful memory

Humor: The Phone 30 Years Ago Today

“Some day, you’re gonna watch people Fuck on that!“


“There’s a lesson to be learned
But no one left to learn it”

Kicked in the Winners Circle

JC’s Crossing gets a kick outta’ me!

The past and the future are intertwined with the present moment. This is why:

1. Your past experiences bought you here, so

Underestimating the Little Guy

“We’ve been trying to catch this

Take the Poll. Does Ear Size indicate Intelligence level?

Are Little Ears a sign of a Smart Horse? What is your experience? Take the Poll:

November 20, 2019: The Question that Has a Trending Answer:

Is Facebook posting an Archaic Exit?

“I’m sorry that this happened.”

Early Business Notes

I sat down at my desk this morning with my coffee and opened my business

Slow Down the Breath

Slowing Down the Breath creates Condensed Breathing, which builds Chi.

Carpe the F’n’ Diem

Carpe Diem.


Development starts with Regulation of breath. If development slows, or if success is not attained, Start with the breath.

Training Mantra

Transverse Abdominis grows like peaceful tree.

Monthly Mantra

“Condense the In-Breath”

Mind To Muscle Connection

“…legends walk among us,
they aren’t born;
they’re built!
Legends are made from iron and sweat; mind and muscle, blood and vision. …”
-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hemp is Medicine, says the National Institute on Drug Abuse

What is Hemp, and How Does it Help Horses?

Use Chakras to Condense the In-breath

“It Starts in the earth and moves it’s way from your feet, through your hands.” What is a Chakra?

Monthly Mantra:

Squeeze Hard; Hold,… Squeezing Harder from there.

Training Tip:

Where capacity and resistance meet, this is where true training begins.

Ju Jitzu

“A full breath is just a turnover.” Check out Gracie Ju Jitzu.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” -Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Sweep from the de la Riva guard!

Watch Ricardo de la Riva teach a sweep from the de la Riva guard:

Training Mantra

Squeeze “top of the Biceps” to Triceps to Forearms  with every heartbeat:  1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4, …

The Difference Between a Blog Page and a Blog Post

What is the Difference between a Blog “Post,” and a blog “Page,”?


“I know very little about kung fu, but I can teach you a few breathing techniques that, after you’ve mastered them, you will find your power increases.”

Everything You Do Creates a Ripple Which Affects Everybody Infinitely.

Quoting the Old School

"Fuck you guys; I'm going home!"

-Jenn Hopson

“Fuck you guys; I’m going home!“ -Jenn Hopson

Muscle Recovery Time

 Stretching is very, very important, because, not only does it help to prevent you from injury, but it also

Be Stoic

Riding Success

Look the part. Act the part. Be the part” -Timothy Wyatt

Quote of the Day

“A good beating never hurt anybody!” -Jane Cibelli

Anger Defeats Ego

Anger will defeat you before any opponent can. Your ego is the joke that is being played on you, and the ego is

NY Jets

“Please, always make sure you ask if they need help.”
“Did you ask that one?”
-Gary Vaynerchuk

The Power of Intention

Part One (sub titulos español): Part Two (sub titulos español): -Ride Tight.

Today In History: November 12, 1999

The Baltimore Sun Racing’s Alfred G. Vanderbilt dies at 87; A life of privilege, a devotion to sport Tom KeyserTHE BALTIMORE SUN November 13, 1999 Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, one of the most influential men in 20th-century horse racing, died yesterday… Continue Reading →

Kegel Exercises

December 1, 2019: "Dichotomy," is the Vocabulary Word of the Month

Dichotomy (noun.) 1: a division into two especially mutually exclusive or contradictory groups or entities

Term of the Month: "Diplomacy"

1 ; the art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations
2: skill in handling affairs without arousing hostility: TACT handled the awkward situation with diplomacy

December 1, 2019: Quote of the Month

“Water, water, every where,Nor any drop to drink. “ This Month’s Quote of the month comes from a line in: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. -BY SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE

December 2019: Person of the Month: Greg Graffin, Ph.D.

December’s Person of the Month is Greg Graffin, Ph.D. .
Greg Graffin is the frontman of the punk group Bad Religion, which created albums such as Stranger Than Fiction (1994) and True North (2013). He received his Ph.D. in zoology from Cornell University and has taught life sciences at Cornell and University of California,

December 1, 2019: Today In History: The Antarctic Treaty was Signed.

“The Three Main Purposes of the Treaty:
1. To maintain world peace
2. To ensure freedom of scientific investigation of Antarctica
3. To make scientific observations and results from Antarctica more easily exchangeable and available”

December 1, 2019 Song of the Month: Flat Earth Society

“The full moon is rising over dark water
And the fools below are picking up sticks”

Did You Know?

“He who knows
Does not speak.
He who speaks
Does not know.
-Lao Tsu

Arazi: Horse of the Month

“…You fly through an imaginary spot in the air called, ‘Arazi. ‘…”

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